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Outdoor Office launches new online you can #BuildYourSpace

Outdoor Office, LLC, located in Tualatin, OR, has officially launched its new online builder and designer for clients to custom build their own backyard office, studio, home gym, or whatever their heart desires. This is a massive step to help potential Outdoor Office clients in the market for space that is functional and cost effective, especially since the average price of an additional or remodel has jumped well into the six figures since the COVID pandemic started. Click on the link here to take you directly to the online builder tool:

The screenshot shown here allow clients and potentials home office designers to capture a 3D model of their space while they choose options like overall size, window and door layouts for each wall, and even a selection of Sherwin-Williams "Colors of the Year". There are custom features and additions that clients can add to really make the experience exciting and fun. Features include items like step out decks, flooring options, shiplap walls, raw pine ceilings, extra dedicated receptacles for exercise equipment or refrigerators, ethernet lines (CAT5e or CAT6), and the most popular addition a Ductless Mini-Split system the both heats and cools, but also has it's own app that you can control wirelessly from your phone. So on the those days you can pre-heat your space so when you step in you're already nice and cozy.

Outdoor Office will have the capability to produce most any of these models in about 1/3 the time of a custom built model and by providing the opportunity for clients to design their own space online the onsite consultation process in a matter of minutes to confirm the order and answer any questions the clients may have about the timeline or manufacturing of their space. The main function of the online builder tool is to allow for more interaction with the clients and have a smoother transition time from the initial design through the delivery.

As we move into the 2022 year, we anticipate a large increase in production again, so if you are interested in having a backyard space to use for work or play, we recommend you get started on the new build tool now!


Outdoor Office, LLC


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