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ATTENTION INVESTORS: Outdoor Office, Inc is LIVE on for Investors!

We are extremely proud to announce that our 2022 investment offering just launched on StartEngine!

Some of you know what we've been able to accomplish in the past years, which includes an average year-over-year sales increase of 472% since 2019, but we are seeing an amazing amount of new interest from clients who didn't even know that Outdoor Offices were available.

Since 2019, the percentage of the U.S. workforce working from home jumped from 6% to 35%. The normalization of remote and hybrid work is expected to continue, increasing the demand for traditional office alternatives.*

*Information provided by the National Council of Compensation Insurance (source)

The home office market is increasing at a record pace and is set to crest over $80B in spending over the next decade. In addition to home offices, we see major opportunities in other market segments, such as helping local governments manage the homelessness crisis by setting up hubs to create a centralized and safe living community, and working directly with real estate brokers and agents to help investors and homeowners generate secondary income or property value.

Outdoor Office is also seeking to develop relationships with corporate partners to create specific units that align with company branding and capabilities specific to each organization. This will allow for large corporate companies to reduce building and operational expenses, while retaining and attracting new talent. These conditions present what feels like a prime moment for Outdoor Office to expand into a national brand.

We feel honored to have so many clients and potential investors who are so passionate about home offices, studios, home gyms, music rooms, She-Sheds/He-Sheds, and anything else they can imagine. Outdoor Office, Inc truly is amazed and excited to have helped so many through the years we've grown, now we can offer a piece of Outdoor Office, Inc back to the communities we serve.


Outdoor Office Team

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