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The story starts in 2014 when the family started to outgrow the current home.


Like so many families out there, this common story puts stress on a home. The first step was to start looking at traditional options to either remodel the current home or build an addition. Both of these options require contractors, bids, quotes, designs, architects, city and county permits...and of course money! Well, trying to find a solution, the easy answer was to just "make it work" with the current situation and see how it goes. This was not the answer. If you've ever tried working from home with a family, this can be a near impossible task. Some homes are blessed with dedicated office space, but even then distractions seem to creep their way in. With the options limited due to cost and time, they started to look for a reasonable solution. 


After getting construction bids for additions and renovating the current layout, it wasn't feasible for them. Not only did the construction costs climb above $50,000 for a renovation or addition, but the timetable was also 8-10 weeks, and this was a small construction job! The next available option was an outbuilding or shed that could possibly allow items from inside the home to be moved out and create space inside...but that still doesn't solve the distractions, cost of then creating an office inside, and the disruption to the home. But the idea of a shed wasn't too bad, they were more cost-effective, they did provide space, and it did potentially help you clean up your home. The biggest issue with a shed is that you don't really have a usable space. Imagine trying to work from home literally sitting in your garden tool shed, does that inspire you? Does that give you all you need to be creative? Is it truly a working environment? The answer is No! It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer, it's dark and raw, with no electricity (unless you plug in your computer to an extension cord from the house), and you have to share space with a lawnmower. Plus, the design and layout are likely uninspiring barn made of studs and plywood or even plastic!


As a builder and creator, Anthony felt like he could design something that would allow him to work from home without distractions but also invite creativity and passion for his projects. The design and configuration of the Outdoor Office lineup allow your personality to shine by giving inspiration to our clients. We believe that if you go to work you should feel energized and ready to achieve greatness. The idea of working from home sounds great on paper, but we've seen the struggles associated with we wanted to make it more friendly, creative, inspiring, and functional. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Together, Jamie and Anthony created a solution that worked for their home needs, and now Outdoor Office is quickly growing and innovating the complete full-service backyard space. We design, manage, build, and supply turn-key Outdoor Office sheds for you!

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