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Welcome Outdoor Office Investors!

Hello and Welcome to the Outdoor Office, Inc Investor Program and the Investor Highlights Page

Outdoor Office recently launched our 2022 investment offering with StartEngine. Outdoor Office is offering an unprecedented 1 for 1 investor program through That means if you have considered purchasing an Outdoor Office space of your own, you can now become and investor in Outdoor Office, Inc and receive up to $25,000 in shares AND every dollar you invest is also applied to your own Outdoor Office! PLUS, if you invest before the offering is completed, you can receive up to a 20% Bonus on your shares.


So if you are considering becoming a client of Outdoor Office, why not ALSO become and investor in Outdoor Office!

We will continue to update more information directly into the website here, but for now please follow this link connecting you directly to the StartEngine page to find all this information required to invest into Outdoor Office, Inc!

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