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Outdoor Office, Inc is your solution when living space is limited and you don't have the budget for a major renovation to your home. If you have considered remodeling, renovating, converting a space such as a garage or an attic, or building an addition to your home, then you need to consider Outdoor Office shed spaces that are custom designed and build for your needs. Outdoor Office gives you the ultimate solution for space, privacy, and budget. Are you considering working from home, but you can't find a "real" home office solution? Is the kitchen table not working out anymore? Is your family restricting your ability to stay organized and on-task? Outdoor Office custom shed spaces is your answer. 


If you are looking for more than just a home office, then Outdoor Office can provide an amazing and creative space for you! Consider moving your craft space out of your bedroom and into an Outdoor Office. Are you an artist stuck in a garage that's dark and cold? Is your spouse telling you to keep the volume down while you try to practice your instruments? Is your living room not working for doing Yoga? These are just a few of the amazing and creative spaces Outdoor Office can provide. We can build exercise rooms, craft spaces, art and music studios, game/media rooms, workshops, meditation rooms, playrooms, photography studios, and of course beautiful home office spaces. Outdoor Office will let your mind be free and grow, don't let your personal life, work life, or business fail because you didn't have the right space!


Outdoor Office creates beautiful, high-quality, custom built structures. Imagine yourself in a quiet place where you can focus on what needs to be done. At often 50% - 70% less than renovating or remodeling, you won't have to stress in your new space either!

Outdoor Office provides one of the most flexible options for additional and functional space on your property. It allows you to work from home, be creative and organize your home and life.

An Outdoor Office shed is an investment that will appreciate over time. It provides more functional space that gives added value to your home. Just think, the money you invest today in your own Outdoor Office space will actually increase your property value later!

Our Outdoor Office sheds are custom built to fit your lifestyle needs. We believe your Outdoor Office should match exactly what you are looking for in a functional space. If you want a craft room, yoga studio, meditation room, home gym, workshop, home office, design studio, art studio, game room, adult space, or a place to hang can have it!


The addition of more space to your home or yard has become increasingly easy to achieve due to the popularity of detached or freestanding addition. Many freestanding buildings are storage sheds that homeowners and businesses use for pure storage. But what if you could have a finished space, with insulation, electrical, beautiful interior finishes, and even a deck? Now you can! Plus, you get the added benefit of hassle-free construction, quick installation, and without the disruption caused by traditional remodels and additions. These are just some of the reasons clients choose freestanding, prefabricated, custom build backyard sheds.


An Outdoor Office is more than a shed, it's a private oasis in your yard. It's a space to follow your passion and pursue your dreams. Commute to work in seconds, and eliminate the stress of traffic, parking, and even the distractions within your home. 

Don't let the high-cost and high-stress of traditional construction prevent you from pursuing your dreams. You can have it all at a fraction of the time and cost!

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